[Master Webinar] A Conversation on IP and Media Rights w/ Katrina Escudero

Media Rights Agent @ United Talent Agency

You may have heard the phrase “IP is king” in recent years. When someone says this, they’re referring to the novels, memoirs, and other intellectual property that lend themselves to adaptation, and the built in audience they bring with them to the screen. If you’ve read a book or graphic novel and thought “this would make a great movie/show” and then seen that same material on the screen later, then you’ve experienced just how powerful IP is in the industry today. But is all IP created equal? Are there certain formats, genres, and topics that more easily lend themselves to adaptation than others? 

To answer all this and more, Roadmap is thrilled to welcome Katrina Escudero!

This 90 Minute Webinar Will Cover: 

  • Different forms of IP 
  • True stories vs. fiction adaptation
  • How a media rights deal is made 
  • Live Q&A
      About Your Host

      Katrina Escudero is an agent in the Books to Film department at United Talent Agency where she represents authors, journalists and even podcasts whose material have the potential to become a television show or a film. As a bilingual Chilean American, Katrina finds it important to champion for Latinx voices and has seen tremendous success with clients such as the world-renowned Chilean author Isabel Allende. A Southern California native, she obtained her bachelor’s degree in Comparative Literature at UC Berkeley

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