Panel: Understanding the WGA Walkout

Kegan Schell (Literary Coordinator, Echo Lake Entertainment), Danny Alexander (TV Agent, APA)
Chris Deckard (Manager, Fictional Entity)
Wednesday 4/17 @ 6:45pm

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What a week! A lot has happened in the industry over the last few days with the WGA and ATA failing to reach an agreement and a number of writers walking out on their agents. But what does this mean for you if you don’t have an agent? What does this mean for you if you don’t have a manager? Are writers going to stop working? Are all the managers going to get too busy? And just what are the WGA and ATA arguing over anyway?

Join us for this special webinar event and learn the answers to all this and more!

This Webinar Will Cover:

  • The players: WGA and ATA
  • The conflict: packaging, packaging fees, and conflicts of interest
  • Who’s affected: TV and Film
  • What does this mean for the unrepped writer?
  • Live Q&A!
About Your Host

Prior to co-founding the management/production company Fictional Entity, Chris Deckard spent over seven years working with and representing talent at major agencies such as ICM Partners and WME. He has worked closely with traditional and new media buyers to find and develop content for domestic and international audiences. In addition to helping cast and package numerous features and series, he has evaluated thousands of scripts for actors and directors. Chris enjoys helping creators achieve the full potential of their ideas through character and story. Chris graduated from Cornell University and earned his J.D. from Notre Dame Law School.

Kegan Schell started his career at Atlas Entertainment, working on the DC Films under producers Chuck and Rebecca Roven. After taking a break to produce a stop motion animated pilot, he then took a job at Echo Lake Entertainment in the literary department working with two managers and their writers and directors. He’s been there now for about two years and has worked his way up to coordinator with a few clients of his own while still providing support for one of the partners on the lit side.

Danny Alexander is an up and coming TV agent at APA. Danny has been in the TV lit department at the Agency for Performing Arts for the last two years. In that time, he has worked through both development and staffing of cable and broadcast television. Previously he has been at Kaplan Perrone and Principato Young Entertainment.

What To Expect

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