Madison Heim-Jinivisan

Madison Heim-Jinivisian

About Your Host

Madison Heim-Jinivisian graduated cum laude from Emerson College with a B.A. in Writing, Literature, and Publishing and minors in Marketing Communications and Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies. Madison previously worked at the Boston office for Antiques Roadshow before moving back to her native Los Angeles to accept a position at Circle of Confusion.

One-Hour Consultation

Submit your full script and receive an in-depth, one-hour private story notes call with an executive of your choice. You’ll receive specific suggestions on how to elevate your script's dialogue, structure, pacing, characterization, tone, and marketability. One-hour consultations are available for Features and TV and are priced accordingly.

Specializes in:

  • Drama
  • Comedy
  • SciFi
  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Fantasy
  • Thriller
  • Horror
  • All TV Formats

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