Life After Representation

Derrick Eppich
Lee Stobby Entertainment

It feels like everyone is telling you the goal is to get represented; all the deals are made with reps; all the working writers have them - but what exactly does it mean to be repped? Derrick Eppich, Manager at Lee Stobby Entertainment, is here to share what life is like on the other side of getting ‘repped’. Derrick will share his knowledge on how to keep the manager because as fast as you can get signed, you can get dropped! Learn about the rules of etiquette that go with getting representation and what it truly means to be ‘repped’ - it isn't the end of the game, it's only the beginning!

This 90-Min. Webinar Will Cover:

  • What a manager/client relationship is like -Tips on getting representation
  • What managers expect from writers
  • The biggest no-no’s that a writer can do with a manager
  • What are the real benefits of having representation vs. the myths (“I'll always have work! I'll never need to pitch again!” - Sorry guys, but those are lies lies lies!)
About Your Host

Born in Detroit, raised in Phoenix and a former fashion professional in New York & Europe, Derrick Eppich has an eclectic background combined with great experience in the film and entertainment industry. Currently, he focuses on genre and prestige storytelling with fresh new voices and emerging filmmakers that best capture the independent spirit and heart. Before joining Lee Stobby, he worked at both The Gotham Group and Energy Entertainment. As a production executive at Energy, he was instrumental in developing RUN ALL NIGHT starring Liam Neeson and OUT OF THE FURNACE starring Christian Bale. Derrick Eppich attended Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ where he earned his B.S. in Finance. He currently resides in Los Angeles, and is making a name for himself as a literature manager working alongside with Lee Stobby.

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