Lecture Series: Writing Outside the Box

Saturdays 7/25, 8/1, 8/8 & 8/15 @ 2:00pm - 3:00pm PT
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Here at Roadmap, we encourage our writers to flex their creative muscles and always be generating content. But in recent months, the type of content we've encouraged our writers to create has changed: write something that doesn't require traditional production. Write something in a non-traditional medium that can be made safely but still get your work out there.

But chances are, most of us don't have a script/concept like that in our arsenal, and we struggle to visualize the logistics to bring a script like that to life. That's why Roadmap is thrilled to offer this special lecture series designed to give you the groundwork with four viable and different mediums you can be utilizing to get your work out there! 

How It Works:

  • Each week, Roadmap will host a guest speaker who specializes in a non-traditional story telling medium.
  • Following each lecture, Roadmap and that week's guest will answer your questions live.
  • As always, all Webinars are recorded and all registrants will receive the recordings after the live broadcast! 


    Week #1: The Power of Podcasting  

    Renee Colvert will join Roadmap in discussing the basics of developing, writing and recording a podcast as well as pitching that podcast to a network.

    Week #2: Artful Animation 

    Katie Mullens will join Roadmap to discuss the process of developing concepts for animation, who the players are, and how writers can find inroads in this side of the industry. 

    Week #3: The Vast Video Game World

    Marc Messenger will join Roadmap to discuss writing for video games and how it is similar and different from writing for the screen. 

    Week #4: The Value of Virtual Reality  

    Jessica Kantor will join Roadmap to discuss the ever evolving world of virtual reality and how writers can use it in their scripts. 

    About Your Host

    Renee Colvert is a podcast producer at Stitcher/Earwolf podcast network. She helps with shows like Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend, Office Ladies, Homophilia and Scam Goddess. Renee is also a podcast host who created the long-running show “Can I Pet Your Dog” (featured in O Magazine, Marie Claire, and NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour with guests such as Lin-Manuel Miranda, Jonathan Van Ness, and Janeane Garofalo.) 

    Katie Mullens is an animation feature executive at Netflix. Katie has been at Netflix for 5 years, originally in the prime time series department before moving over to the newly formed animation department two years ago, where she helped build the department. She previously worked at the Jim Hensen Company. 

    Marc Messenger is a short film director, creating narrative CG fantasy films for Blizzard Entertainment’s WORLD OF WARCRAFT. His movies have garnered awards for animation and visual effects, accumulating over 100 million youtube views. What Marc loves more than his work is being Dad to his son, Jack, who is autistic. Accordingly, Marc’s brand is a collision of High-Fantasy and hard reality: Sci-fi stories of vulnerable outsiders in somewhat fantastic circumstances. Two of his screenplays, PULL and THE FIRE CAPTAIN, both advanced to the Finals of the Page Screenwriting Competition, and THIS CLOSE won Second Prize in the CineStory Screenwriting Fellowship. Marc lives happily with his family in Seal Beach, California. 

    Jessica Kantor grew up in New York City and currently resides in Santa Monica, CA. Jessica is highly sought after for her work in virtual and augmented reality, having developed a unique perspective of place, movement, and world-building she now brings to traditional filmmaking. Jessica is a writer-director specializing in grounded Sci-fi. Her work has premiered at Film Festivals all over the world. Most recently, TOGETHER AS ONE made for Oculus as part of their VR for Good Program premiered can be seen on the Oculus store. Jessica wrote a chapter on immersive storytelling for the publication, RESEARCH ON THE GLOBAL IMPACTS AND ROLES OF IMMERSIVE MEDIA, the first academic textbook on Virtual and Augmented Reality. Jessica recently launched TheLook.Club where she co-hosts monthly conversations about immersive storytelling.

    What To Expect

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    Can't Attend Live? 

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