John Doherty

Producer @ The Doherty Company
Tuesday 3/17 @ 3:00pm - 6:00pm PT
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John Doherty brings veteran development, production and financing expertise to The Doherty Company with the goal of producing thought provoking and commercial films in a filmmaker friendly environment.

Prior to starting The Doherty Company in 2018, John worked under President Brian Oliver, running development for Cross Creek Pictures during which the team produced over 15 films including such films as BLACK SWAN, THE IDES OF MARCH, THE WOMAN IN BLACK, BLACK MASS, EVEREST, AMERICAN MADE, HACKSAW RIDGE, and ROMAN J. ISRAEL.

Doherty started his career working under producer JC Spink at Benderspink (THE HANGOVER, BUTTERFLY EFFECT, AMERICAN PIE) and then moved to the Motion Picture Talent Department at the William Morris Endeavor Agency. He transitioned over to Adam Sandler's Happy Madison Productions where he assisted on the development and production of Sandler's films JUST GO WITH IT, JAND AND JILL, and THAT'S MY BOY.

John teaches through his alma mater Duke University's study abroad program in Los Angeles at USC. In addition to teaching each spring, Doherty hosts a yearly seminar, Q&A and a screening each fall at Duke for the students, faculty and staff. Other speaking engagements include participating as a panel member for Yahoo's "Cracking the Code" which combines industry professionals in a discussion on how to engage the consumer in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

The Doherty company is currently casting Aisha Tyler's second directorial effort the allegorical horror / thriller SILENT JOHN for a spring 2020 shoot in Ireland.


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