Jesse Murphy: Creative Executive, Marlon Wayans' Production Company (NBCUniversal)

Writer will have unlimited email access with executive plus 4x one-hour consultations with the exec. 

Exec will read up to 4 scripts in one month (different drafts of the same script or 4 different scripts) and conduct 4x one-hour story notes calls. Calls will also include pitch preps, brand preps and career strategy. 

This is for Writers With:
Features & TV: Comedy

About Jesse:

Jesse Murphy began his career as an assistant at Paradigm Talent & Literary Agency in Beverly Hills, California. After a year at the agency, he transitioned into production under Paul Schiff (MY COUSIN VINNY, RUSHMORE). Independent of Schiff, he founded TopRat Productions which is set to produce LUCIFER The Musical starring Tony Award Winner, Trent Kowalik. Murphy is a Producer of Amazon’s Emmy Award Winning Hit Series THE BAY. 

In 2016 he came on board Marlon Wayans & Rick Alvarez’s term deal at Universal Television. Throughout that time he’s worked on NBC’s sitcom, MARLON and Netflix’s Original Feature, NAKED.  Murphy is presently the company's creative executive and continues to oversee their slate’s development.