Jasper Grey: Producer, Fortunate Falls

"Jasper has an excellent sense of scene. He's the kind of person I love to work with." - Paul M.

"Jasper was very helpful. He objectively workshopped my pages in order to make my message more clear and more entertaining. It was just about the work. It was really enjoyable to have that kind of conversation." - Kirill K.

Writer will have unlimited email access with executive plus 4x one-hour consultations with the exec. 

Exec will read up to 4 scripts in one month (different drafts of the same script or 4 different scripts) and conduct 4x one-hour story notes calls. Calls will also include pitch preps, brand preps and career strategy. 

This is for writers with:

All Genres and Formats

About Jasper:

Jasper Grey is a Los Angeles based writer and producer who founded the creative development shingle Fortunate Falls in 2015. Currently, Fortunate Falls has two projects set up for full financing: one is a dark fantasy akin to PAN'S LABYRINTH and MAZE RUNNER with a budget of $50MM, and the other is an inspirational basketball film based on a true life story with a budget of $15MM. At Fortunate Falls, Mr. Grey oversees development of a revolving slate of multiple features and pilots intended for both classic distribution models as well as emerging platforms.

Before opening Fortunate Falls, Mr. Grey worked as the Creative Producer for established Director and Producer Pearry Teo (CLOUD ATLAS) for a number of years. There, the mandate was to find talented new writers, work hand-in-hand to develop a commercial and artistically sound project, and shop the material to the town. While working with Pearry, Mr. Grey developed a keen eye for working in the low-budget horror/sci-fi realm.

Mr. Grey studied pre-law at NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study, and Scandinavian Folkloristics at UCLA.

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