Industry Secrets: What No One Tells You

When you’re on the outside looking in at this big Hollywood machine, navigating the waters can seem impossible. You hear of all these rules and guidelines, but no one actually sits you down and tells you how all of this really works.

Until now. Chris Von Hoffmann is here to tell you let you in on all the secrets no one tells you!

This 90 Minute Webinar Will Cover:
  • Dealing with financier / producer interference when making your first professional feature film
  • How to realistically get an agent and/or manager
  • When to compromise and when to stand your ground
  • What producers and executives expect when it comes to pitching 
About Your Host:

Chris von Hoffmann has made several short films including Fuel Junkie, Bloodshot Animals, White Trash and Vodka 7. His debut feature Drifter gained worldwide distribution and was released on Netflix and iTunes in spring of 2017.

Chris finished post-production on his second feature film Monster Party back in February which will hopefully be released later this year. He is currently developing two directing projects as well as writing another feature on spec. He is represented by CAA and Grandview Management.

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