In Person Consultations

After registering, you will receive an email containing the link to the Material Submission Form where you will write the exec you want to review your script and instructions on how submit your script. 

After submitting your script, please allow at least 2-3 weeks for the exec to review the material. When the exec is ready, you will be contacted via email to schedule your private one-hour in person notes meeting.

Available executives are:

Assistant to Diable Cody, Anne Montavon - Viva Vera Films *great for all genres and formats!

Executive Carroll Middelthon - Eastend Entertainment *great for drama, comedy and action projects!

Executive Liliana Granados - JuVee Productions *great for comedy, action, adventure, fantasy and thriller features!

Producer Ben Shields - The Storyhouse *great for drama and comedy projects!

Assistant Danny Galvin - Zucker Productions *great for comedy, drama, action and thriller projects!

Executive Kevin Shih - CryptTV *great for drama, horror, sci fi and thriller projects!

Executive Luke Franek - The Middleton Media Group *great for thriller, sci fi, drama and action features!

Agent Davina Hefflin - Gersh *great for all genres and formats!

Manager Kegan Schell - Echo Lake Entertainment *great for pilots of all genres!

Agent Danny Alexander - APA *great for pilots of all genres!

Executive Toy Hawkins - Will Packer Studios *great for TV writers from diverse backgrounds and for pilots that focuses on diversity!

Manager Dan Seco - Schemers Entertainment *great for rom com, action, thriller and horror features!

Manager Mark Saffian - The Content House *great for all genres and formats!

Executive Dan Ingram - De Laurentiis Company *great for all genres and formats!

Executive Maddie Breeland - Walt Disney Films *great for features of all genres!

Manager John Dunne - Aperture Entertainment *great for drama, sci fi, action and horror projects!

Executive Janet Jeffries - Lawrence Bender Productions *great for drama, thriller, action and horror projects!

Manager Audrey Knox - The Cartel *great for drama and comedy pilots!

Executive Devin DiGonno - Lakeshore Entertainment *great for drama, rom com, thriller and horror projects!

Manager Daniel Clark - WSA Entertainment *great for all genres and formats!

Executive Jeremy Loethen - Traverse Media *great for comedy, action, thriller, sci fi, fantasy, thriller and horror features!

Executive Stephen Martin - Landscape Entertainment *great for all genres and formats!

Manager Juan He - Good Fear *great for comedies, dramas based on true stories and coming of age stories of all genres!

Assistant to Greg Berlanti, Max Cunningham - Berlanti Productions *great for all genres and formats!

Executive Jalessa Jones - Sabrina Wind's production company/ABC *great for drama, comedy and YA pilots!

Manager Matthew Dartnell - Writ Large *great for all genres and formats! 

Manager Brandon Drea - Paper Plane Entertainment *great for all genres and formats! 

Producer Joe Amaral *great for comedy and horror projects! 

Executive Chelsea Kardos - AMC *great for drama, thriller, sci fi, fantasy and horror pilots!

Assistant to Dan Fogelman, Jake Schensel - Rhode Island Ave Productions *great for all genres for TV!