How to Pitch Like An A-Lister #2

Chris Deckard
Literary Manager
Fictional Entity

You've practiced your pitch over and over and you have the basics down of format and plot points to hit, but how do you take your pitch to the next level? Chris Deckard (Manager, Fictional Entity), host of Roadmap's most popular pitching webinar ever is back with Round Two on how to truly elevate your pitch!

Chris will go into the next steps to take to really hone your pitch including tips on how to match the tone of your pitch to the genre of the story. It's not enough to be able to be technically correct, you have to be able to engage your listener's emotions and demonstrate that you're a master storyteller so they'll be excited to see what you can do with a script!

Chris will also discuss how to think like an executive - if you can appreciate what an exec needs in order to successfully "upsell" your project to their superiors and buyers, you can better tailor your pitch to effectively appeal to an executive and stand out from everything else they are hearing/reading!

This 90-Min. Webinar Will Cover:
  • Identifying the tone of your project’s genre and how to incorporate it in your pitch 
  • How much to reveal in your pitch - and what to hold back
  • How to make the exec feel the funny/terror/adventure/mystery of your
  • story
  • How to think like an exec and highlight aspects of your project that can help an exec bump it up the ladder
  • How to accomplish all of this in just five minutes
    About Your Host

    Since co-founding the management/production company Fictional Entity in late 2016, Chris Deckard has developed an international clientele that includes writers, directors, actors, and producers.

    Chris’ clients have been named to The Black List, The Hit List, The Young & Hungry List, The Blood List and been lauded by the PAGE Awards, The Academy Nicholl Screenwriting Awards, The Australian Writers Guild, and The Australian Directors Guild. His clients have written, directed, starred, and produced in numerous formats, including Features, TV, Virtual Reality, and Podcasts, independently and for companies like Netflix, NBCUniversal, Warner Bros., Amazon, Blumhouse, Comedy Central, TruTV, Super Deluxe, Hallmark, CBS, CryptTV, PopTV, VH1, Facebook, E!, and MSNBC.

    Chris has judged script competitions for UCLA and Australians in Film, and was a mentor at the 2017 Stowe Story Labs. He has worked with countless writers through Roadmap and has seen mentees go on to get signed, win competitions, and get optioned. 

    Prior to Fictional Entity, Chris spent over seven years working with and representing talent at major agencies such as ICM Partners and WME. He has worked closely with traditional and new media buyers to find and develop content for domestic and international audiences. In addition to helping cast and package numerous features and series, he has evaluated thousands of scripts for actors and directors. Chris graduated from Cornell University and earned his J.D. from Notre Dame Law School.

    What To Expect

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