How to Option Books, Articles and Other IP with Entertainment Lawyer

Hosted by Kate Imp, Esq. of Ramo Law PC

You just read something that you think would be perfect for the big screen and you know you are the right person to adapt it into a script! But because it’s an existing piece of intellectual property (IP), how the heck do you go about making sure you have the rights to do so? 

Roadmap is excited to have Kate Imp, Esq. of Ramo Law PC give a talk on everything related to optioning existing material! Kate will give a lecture that covers what intellectual property (IP) is and how you can go about acquiring the rights to a book, article, or person’s life. It’s not as simple as picking up the phone and Kate will lay it all out so writers can understand what optioning is and how it works.

This 90-Min. Webinar Will Cover:
  -What IP is and how to go about getting the rights to it
  -The types of rights that are available and the ones you need
  -The benefits of having a lawyer helping you navigate the often complicated world of IP
  -Different types of optioning

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