How to Kill a General Meeting with Top Tier Alumn

You're writing, you're pitching, you're hustling your butt off - it finally pays off and you score: The General Meeting. What the heck is that and what is expected of you? Emma Steele, recently signed to Gersh and one of Roadmap's own success stories, is here to tell you what it's like on the writer’s side of the table for general meetings. In January, Emma attended over 30 general meetings in two weeks racking up a wealth of knowledge that she will share with you so you can be a pro before you're even in the room.

This 90-Min. Webinar Will Cover:
  -What a general meeting is
  -How you get one
  -How to pitch/when to pitch in the meeting - reading the room!
  -How to get to know the exec
  -What you should come prepared with

About Your Host:

Emma J. Steele has spent over twenty years working on staff and writing hundreds of hours of credited television in Australia including Wentworth, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries and Neighbours. Emma has also developed TV series for both broadcast and cable in Australia and New Zealand and was nominated in 2015 for an Australian Writers Guild award for a Neighbours script she wrote. After signing with The Gersh Agency last year, Emma was recently in Los Angeles for 30 meetings as she looks to make the transition to a working writer in the US.

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