Hour Consultation List for Authors!

  • After submitting your book, please allow at least 3-4 weeks for the exec to review the material. When the exec is ready, you will receive an email to schedule your private one-hour story notes call.

Andrea Cascardi - Agent at The Transatlantic Literary Agency (this will be a 45-minute call!) *great for adult books as well as authors and illustrators of books for young readers and young adults!

Andy Ross - Agent at Andy Ross Agency *great for drama and biopics!

Cassandra Rodgers - Agent/Owner & Five Otter Literary *great for fresh views on topics such as politics, history, science, finance and sports. Inspiring and meaningful memoirs are always on her wish list!

Cate Hart - Agent  at Harvey Klinger Literary Agency *great for comedy, adventure, romance and thriller books!

Chrysa Koon - Junior Agent at Cyle Young Literary Elite, LLC *great for Coming-of-Age, LGBTQIA+, Magic, Paranormal, Young Adult (YA) / Teen manuscripts!

Mark Gottlieb - Agent at Trident Media Group *great for all genres for books!

Megan Burkhart - Agent at Cyle Young Literary Agency *great for YA fantasy and children's books!

Molly Gendell - Assistant Editor at HarperCollins *great for drama, comedy, action and thriller manuscripts!

Rose Ganguzza - Producer at Rose Pictures *great for all genres and formats!

Secret CAA Book Agent - *great for narrative nonfiction, memoir, and literary fiction that is driven by voice and ignites conversation. She loves to journey through an unknown world or subculture and is especially drawn to stories that explore the intersection of culture and technology (including speculative fiction), coming of age, intense, complicated friendships, the nuances of motherhood and how it informs a woman’s identity, humanity’s relationship to nature, and the quest for self-optimization!

Secret CAA Book Agent - *Children’s books involving strong characters and storytelling that reinforce lessons of positivity, confidence, companionship and love. 

One-Hour Consultation

Submit the first 60 pages of your book plus a 1-2 page book proposal (if applicable) and receive an in-depth, one-hour private story notes call with this executive. You’ll receive specific suggestions on how to elevate your book's prose, pacing, characterization, tone, and marketability. 

The turnaround time is 3-4 weeks after you submit your pages. 


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