Group Mentorship (Features & TV) - Dash Aiken @ Romark Entertainment Starts 10/21

Starts Sunday, October 21st @ 3:00pm - 5:00pm PT and will meet Online via Virtual Classroom every Sunday for 4 weeks.

Limited to only 5 writers, this Group Mentorship will meet virtually once a week for 4 weeks for 2 hours a session. Each Group Mentorship will start with a lecture from Dash on different screenwriting topics. Then Dash will give each writer 20-30 minutes of personalized feedback on their pages (which he will have reviewed prior to the session). Each writer will learn from their own feedback and the feedback given to their peers.

Every week writers can bring in their revised submissions or new material. Each writer can workshop up to 4 scripts in one month!

Each writer can email Dash during the week so they are fully guided for the entire month. 

About Dash: 

Dash Aiken has worked in development with an Oscar-winning writer, trained as a literary agent, and currently works as a story producer for Romark Entertainment. He specializes in High-Concept Sci-Fi / Thrillers / Story-Based Action / Heartfelt Sociological Drama / Diverse Voices / Female Writers & Female Driven stories. GEORGE, a script he developed with screenwriter Jeremy Michael Cohen, was selected for the 2017 Black List & 2017 Hit List.

Romark Entertainment recently picked up the comic book series HERALD for writer Jared Battaglia, is also currently producing MATRIARCH for Paramount, TRANQUILITY BASE with Ridley Scott for Fox and A BOY AND HIS TIGER for Warner Bros. as well as the TV series PARADOX with Tim Kring’s Imperative Entertainment. Next up is feature MARIAN starring Margot Robbie, which is set up at Sony.