Full Script Professional Proofreading + Coverage Bundle

"I didn't have any questions about the notes - I have actually wanted to just pick up the phone and call my proofreader to thank her for all of her edits. I feel much more confident having execs read my work now. Thank you so much!" -Marta Schultz, Screenwriter

Get your script in shape for competition season!

If there's one thing that can get your script tossed in the trash pile upon opening, it's spelling, grammar and formatting errors in your screenplay! Worse, a script rife with errors can derail a notes session that would otherwise have been able to focus on your pacing, story structure, and character work - not on your grammatical errors. Before you send out ANY script for consideration, you should have it gone over with a fine-toothed comb by a professional to ensure it is immaculate.

In this special Proofreading/Coverage Bundle, you'll first have your TV or feature screenplay gone over with a fine-toothed comb by our professional proofreader who will mark it up with comments and all necessary fixes so that you can see where the errors are and avoid falling into the same traps going forward!

Then, you'll get notes on improving your script from a story and narrative standpoint when you submit a revised, immaculate draft of your script for 3-5 pages of Coverage by one of our professional readers who will examine your script and help you resolve issues with pacing, story structure, and character work while providing you with story notes to help you improve your plot. 

In a hurry and want your proofreading & coverage completed concurrently? We can do that, too! Just email terra@roadmapwriters.com after registering to arrange.

Booked together, you'll save 15%!

How It Works

After registering, your Confirmation Email will contain the link to the Material Submission Form, where you will upload your full script in PDF format.

Within 1-2 weeks of submission, you will receive the PDF of your script marked up with notes that you will be able to view in Adobe Reader or Apple Preview. You will also receive your proofreader's general overall notes on the formatting & any consistent errors they noted throughout the document.

You will then have the opportunity to revise your script and fix any errors before resubmitting an immaculate draft for analysis by one of our industry readers. You will receive your 3-5 pages of Coverage within 2-3 weeks of submitting your material.



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