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TV Diversity Initiatives: Why We Need Them

Chelsea Kardos
Coordinator, Scripted Programming
AMC Networks

You may remember the #OSCARSSOWHITE controversy from a few years back, but did you ever wonder how the push for greater representation extends to TV? Because it most certainly does.

All across Tinseltown, TV networks are continuing, revamping, and starting their own diversity initiatives to combat the problems surrounding representation in Hollywood. But how do these initiatives work? Who is a part of them? And how do they plan to effect positive change going forward?

Don’t worry! Because Chelsea Kardos is here to explain all of this and more!

This 90 Minute Webinar Will Cover:

  • What are TV Diversity Initiatives? 
  • Who all has one, and what do they hope to accomplish? 
  • Diversity in front of the camera, and behind the camera 
  • How do these initiatives work within a TV network/production company 
  • Importance of having programs and being proactive
About Your Host

Chelsea Kardos is a Coordinator in Scripted Programming at AMC Networks, a leading cable network that is focused on one-hour dramas that are character-centric. Previously, Chelsea worked for New Wave Entertainment and Route One Films.

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