First 30 Consultation Executives - Features

There is so much that needs to be accomplished in the first act of a feature. But if the reader isn't hooked by page 15, they'll likely stop reading. For this consultation, you'd submit the first 30 pages of your feature script, and then have a 30 minute story notes call with the executive of your choice. This call will help you boost your hook, refine your set up, and make sure your Act One is as strong as possible to make readers HAVE to know what happens next. 

Click on any of the execs below to read more about them and sign up for your selection. After you sign up you will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to submit your pages. Once the exec is ready to get scheduled with you for your 30 min call together, you will receive an email about proposed times. Anticipated turnaround time for getting scheduled is about 3-4 weeks. 

Here is the list of executives available for First 30 Consultations for feature scripts!  


Ali Lefkowitz - Assistant to Co-Head of Media Rights Division at Anonymous Content (WINTER'S BONE, BOY ERASED) *great for drama, comedy and thriller projects

Braxton Rickert - Assistant to Lead Manager at Lee Stobby Entertainment  *great for all genres 

Charlie Osowik - Literary Manager at Charlie Osowik Management  *great for all genres 

Dan Seco - Literary Manager at Schemers Entertainment *great for all genres (sold out)

David Baggelaar - Manager at Good Fear *great for comedy and thriller projects (signed 1 of our writers!) 

Devon Byers - Manager/Producer at First Friday Entertainment *great for all genres 

Jonathan MartinAgent Trainee at Gersh (which has signed 6 of our writers!) *great for all genres 

Lucas Murphy - Media Rights Assistant at Anonymous Content *great for drama, sci-fi, thriller and action projects

Val McLeroyManager at Epigram (signed 2 of our writers!) *great for all genres 


Alexandra Cocean - Media and Content Executive *great for all genres for features and TV movies

Alicia Marie Agramonte - Executive at Revelations Entertainment (Morgan Freeman's production company) *great for drama, comedy, action and horror features

Brittany Chapman - Executive at Prodigal *great for all genres 

Carley Whitt - Showrunner's Assistant at NBC Universal (Executive Producer on Netflix's NEVER HAVE I EVER) *great for all feature genres except horror and thriller

Emily Precious - Producer at Bird Flight Films *great for all genres 

Janet Jeffries - Development Executive at Lawrence Bender Productions *great for drama, sci-fi, action, adventure and thriller projects

Jasmin Morrison - Producer at Soul Cognition *great for all genres 

Justin Ross - Senior VP of Development and Production at Bohemia Group Originals *great for all genres 

Kevin Nicklaus - Senior VP of Development at The Wolper Org *great for all genres

Matthew Koss - Producer *great for all genres except horror, sci-fi and fantasy

Morgyn Utzman - Development Coordinator at Candler Productions *great for all genres 

Nick OleksiwProducer at Mischief Entertainment *great for all genres 

Sammy Corrado Development Coordinator at STX Entertainment (HUSTLERS, 21 BRIDGES)  *great for all genres 

First 30 Consultation

Submit the first 30 pages of your feature script as a PDF and have a 30 minute story notes call with the exec of your choice. Anticipated turnaround time for getting scheduled together is 3-4 weeks. 

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