Nick Fullen-Collins: former exec at HBO's Emerging Talent Department - First 15 (Features & TV)

Submit the first 15 pages of your script and have a 15-minute story notes call with Nick Fullen-Collins, formerly of HBO's Emerging Talent Department. This call will help you create a strong opening/act one. 

This is for writers with:
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About Nick:

After having the opportunity to work with Queen Latifah and Will Smith’s production company on the pilot to the Queen Latifah talk show in 2012, Nick Fullen-Collins transitioned into working directly for her production company, Flavor Unit Entertainment. During that time, Nick worked with the CEO and the President of Production on the successful television show, Single Ladies for VH1, while developing projects for Mike Epps, Mary J. Blige, and Dwayne Wade. Nick also worked on Queen Latifah’s Emmy winning film, Bessie, which was co-produced with HBO. After working with the VP of Drama Programming at HBO who oversees the critically acclaimed show, Game of Thrones, Nick transitioned into his a position working in the Talent Development department, in which he helped oversee the HBO Access writing and directing fellowship. Nick is President of Artistic Vision Entertainment, and he is currently developing multiple film/TV projects including Checkmate (with former Chicago P.D. detective Randy Holcomb Sr.), which is based on a true story and forthcoming novel by bestselling author, AnnaLisa Grant.

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