Feature Writing Pressure Track: 6-Week Program Starts Sat 11/3

Class Schedule:
Meets Online via Virtual Classroom every Saturday for 6 Weeks!
Saturday 11/3 & 11/10 @ 11:00am - 1:00pm PST
Saturday 11/17 & 12/1 @ 6:00pm - 8:00pm PST
Saturday 12/8 & 12/15 @ 3:00pm - 5:00pm PST

**Limited to 9 Writers!**

Pressure Track is a 6-week program designed to put you through the process and hold you accountable each week so that at the end of the program, each writer has a completed first draft of a brand new screenplay!

You will learn from 3 different executives over the course of the 6 sessions who will provide email guidance in advance of the session and will deliver a mini-lecture at the start of each session before moving on to personalized feedback on submitted material for each writer.

Program Details:

Andrew will take the reins first and guide you through concepts, characters, and outlines. He will make sure that your foundations are solid before prepping you to write your first 10 pages, which will set the stage for…

Zac to come in and guide you through your first act! For each of the two weeks, Zac will read the subsequent 10 pages and give you personalized feedback on your pages thus far. Zac will make sure that you have a good starting point with all the important elements in place for you to launch into your second act before he passes the baton to…

Jalessa, who will be your guide through the end of the first act and beginning of the second act. Each week, Jalessa will read the subsequent 10 pages and give you personalized feedback on your pages thus far. She will make sure that you’re staying the course to complete an amazing first draft!

"Pressure Track is absolutely the best way to get your first draft DONE in an organized fashion with steady progress – and to make sure it’s the best first draft!" -Kathryn R.

"The Pressure Track, in my opinion, is the most crucial aspect of the Road Map program. A writer needs to always be writing and have a stable of projects ready to show to agents and managers. The Pressure Track not only held me accountable to get my script completed in a timely manner but assisted me in adding to my portfolio of work." -Michael O.

About Your Instructors:

Andrew Kersey is a Los Angeles manager who represents writers and directors. Formerly he was with the management/production firm 3 Arts Entertainment and a Universal based production company. Kersey's clients have sold projects to various studios including Universal, Fox, Dreamworks, New Line, Paramount, Sony, Warner Bros. and Ivan Reitman's company, Montecito. In television, Kersey's clients have projects at the Disney Channel, Fox and Nickelodeon.

Zac Allard is the creative executive of Exile Entertainment. Zac has extensive experience working at numerous production companies and was one of the early readers on The Black List. Exile Entertainment represents Academy Award-winning writer/directors Guillermo Del Toro (SHAPE OF WATER), Damien Chazelle (LA LA LAND) and Jennifer Kent (THE BABADOOK). Zac has a master’s degree in English from Georgetown and has worked to develop/edit with screenwriters and novelists and playwrights. In addition to his work in film and TV, he has published both creative and critical writing in a variety of journals and magazines. He’s repped by Folio Literary Management.

Jalessa Jones has recently celebrated her first anniversary of being in THE INDUSTRY. She graduated from Columbia College in Chicago with a degree in TV Writing and Producing, a dream of one day running a studio, and an impressive amount of student loan debt. Her first job was that of a freelance reader, digesting so many scripts, and writing so much coverage for an independent producer, that she barely left the little room she rented. She then went on to assist two of the hardest working literary managers in the business at Circle of Confusion. As fate would have it, that independent producer she so diligently wrote coverage for, was asked to join Columbia Pictures (Sony Pictures Entertainment) as the VP of Production. He wanted her to come with him and help him set up shop; cultivating, and developing the same quality projects, with the same focus on diverse, inclusive perspectives, but on a much grander scale.

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