Demystifying the World of Film Sales with Manager of Sales

A screenwriter is required for a script to be written and a production company is required to turn it into a movie, but the journey doesn't end there! A sales company is one of the often overlooked but critical components in the film world. Charles Hopkins is here to explain the often confusing world of film sales and what it means to 'package' something, which is often one of the best routes to getting a project made!

This 90-Min. Webinar Will Cover:
  -What is a Sales Company and why is it important for writers to understand how they operate?
  -What do Sales Companies do and what's the process of selling a film?
  -What elements in screenplays get Sales Companies excited?
  -What elements in screenplays are red flags?
  -The difference between straight sales and signing on to produce.
  -Packaging projects and what elements make up a strong package.
  -Mitigating risk.

About Your Host:

Hailing from Melbourne, Charles Hopkins attended law school at the University of Melbourne, Australia. He studied film and media for his undergraduate degree and gained experience at a variety of media companies and film law practices in Australia. In 2014, Charles moved out to Los Angeles. After gaining experience at several production and management companies, Charles began in his role at Shoreline Entertainment as the Manager of Production and Development. Working alongside CEO Morris Ruskin, Charles manages Shoreline’s production slate and oversees acquisitions of development titles for the sales side of the business.

Shoreline participates in more than 18 major media markets and festivals each year to nourish relationships with broadcasters, distributors, and festival programmers. Shoreline has represented numerous award-winning films that have premiered at high profile festivals such as Sundance, Toronto, Berlin, Tribeca, Rotterdam and San Sebastian, as well as films nominated for Spirit Awards and Golden Globes. As an independent film producer, Morris Ruskin has made more than fifty films and has three films in post-production. Notable amongst Morris’ earlier films are the modern classic Glengarry Glen Ross, which led to an Academy Award Nomination for Al Pacino, The Man from Elysian Fields, The Visit and Marilyn Hotchkiss’ Ballroom Dancing & Charm School.

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