The Deep Dive Bundle

Relatively new to Roadmap, but not new to the industry? This is a great starting point!

This package includes a full portfolio consultation with a working executive who can better understand and strategize where your projects may fit into the marketplace.

You'll also participate in a month-long Group Mentorship to actively improve a script you're working on. And, you get an evaluation for the Top Tier Program, so that once you've polished your portfolio, you're ready to apply for Roadmap's highest-level program, where the majority of our success stories take place.

On top of all that, you'll get a chance to choose and pitch to three executives of your choice through our Access Programs to not only practice your pitching skills, but get excellent feedback on how much traction you and your projects may be able to garner at the moment.

By purchasing this package, you'll save $130!

This Deep Dive Bundle Includes:

Open Pitch Sessions - Pitch your project to 3x execs of your choice for feedback by written pitch or verbally in an 8-min. session via phone or Skype. 

Portfolio Polishing - An exec of your choice will read pages from up to 4 of your scripts and have a private hour-long portfolio notes call with you.

Group Mentorship - Enjoy a 4-week program with an exec of your choice to help you develop your scripts, your pitch, and your career strategy. 

Top Tier Evaluation - Submit your script and recorded pitch to be considered for our Top Tier Program, where most of our success stories happen!

*After registering, you'll receive instructions for redeeming your sessions via email!