[Craft Series] So You Want to Make a Movie: Low Budget Filmmaking

Chris Jones
Filmmaker, Producer and Author

When it comes to learning what really goes into making a film great, there's no substitute for rolling up your sleeves, getting your hands dirty, and doing it yourself. But how can that be possible when films cost millions of dollars to make? Welcome to the world of low budget filmmaking! 

Whether it's you and a few friends filming scenes on your smart phone, or a skeleton crew dedicated to bringing your vision to life, you learn so much about the craft and the storytelling by getting out there and making it happen. 

And to give us the tricks of the low budget trade, Roadmap is thrilled to welcome Chris Jones to the Webinar stage!


This 90 Minute Webinar Will Cover: 

  • Scripting for a low budget
  • Filming dos and don'ts
  • What you really need
  • Live Q&A 


About Your Host

Passionate about all things film, Chris Jones has spent his life watching movies, making movies and helping others make their movies. His major projects include action thriller "The Runner", serial killer thriller "White Angel" and paranormal horror "Urban Ghost Story". Chris also co-created and authored The Guerilla Film Makers Handbook series, and currently there are eight editions. In 2009, Chris made the multi-award winning and Oscars shortlisted ‘Gone Fishing’.

More recently, Chris has run a series of London based festivals, kicking off with the London Screenwriters Festival. He also setup and ran TEDxEaling, an annual TEDx conference on storytelling and human communication. In 2014, Chris completed his fourth feature film, the crowd created 50 Kisses which entered the Guinness Book Of Records for most screenwriters on a feature film. Following this success, he founded Create50 to continue the idea of crowd created projects. Twisted50, the first book was publishing on Halloween 2016 and immediately toppled Stephen King from the top spot on Amazon.

During the summer of 2015, Chris trained to become a master Firewalk instructor and now regularly take people across the hot coals for charity. Late 2016 he directed the short film "Seeing Him" which collected a number of awards.

Right now, Chris is developing "Rocketboy" and will blog the entire journey, from concept, through script, finance, shoot, editing, festivals, distribution and sales.

What To Expect

Immediately after registering, you will receive an Order Confirmation that serves as the receipt for your registration. In the Order Summary section of this email, there will be a link reading "CLICK HERE FOR INSTRUCTIONS" that will take you to the page containing the Webinar recording. Under that link will be the Password you'll need to unlock the page and enjoy!


If you have any questions or any trouble accessing the recording, email our Director of Education Alexandra Davies at alex@roadmapwriters.com!

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