[Executive Perspectives Series] Conversations with a Literary Manager

Zach Cox
Circle of Confusion
Thursday 9/26 @ 5:00pm PT - 6:00pm PT

In this wild, confusing industry, it's often hard to know which way is up sometimes!

Questions of "am I even writing a script somebody will want to make?", "how do I know what to do with my script when I'm done writing it?", "how do I make the most of my manager relationship when I'm finally repped?" can be swirling in your mind. 

We're bringing you Conversations with a Literary Manager to help clear some of the mystery and provide industry clarity on these questions and many more!

This 60-Minute Webinar will answer all your burning questions and will be primarily a Q&A between you and manager Zach Cox from Circle of Confusion!

About Your Host

A Northern California native, Zach Cox has been managing writers and directors for close to a decade now. When picking up a new script, he looks for character first because all good stories have a protagonist you want to go on a journey with. Zach is a father of two adorable children who motivate him to work longer hours than he probably should due to their insatiable toy appetites. Client credits include UNDERWATER with Kristen Stewart, Netflix’s THE BABYSITTER, POMS, THE AFFAIR, NIGHT SCHOOL, FULLER HOUSE, SPEECHLESS and more!

What To Expect

Immediately after registering, you will receive an Order Confirmation that serves as the receipt for your registration. In the Order Summary section of this email you will find the "JOIN LINK" to join the Live Webinar. Webinars are conducted via video conferencing software ZOOM. You will receive a link to the recording of the Webinar via email following the live session.

**If you have any questions or any trouble joining the Webinar, email alex@roadmapwriters.com!

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