[Business Series] Understanding Network Mandates and Needs

Val McLeroy
Manager/Producer @ Epigram

If you've been working on building a TV portfolio for a while, then you've probably come across network mandates. Whether you've seen the full list of what each network is looking to develop, or a fellow writer mentioned what they've heard people are looking for, you've probably wondered whether or not you should write with the mandates in mind? Or should you use the mandates as a way to understand where your existing samples could fit? And if you haven't seen the network mandates, how can you find them? 

To answer all this and more, Roadmap welcomes Val McLeroy to the Roadmap stage! 

This 60 Minute Webinar Will Cover: 

  • What are network mandates?
  • Where can writers find them? 
  • Writing with mandates in mind? 


About Your Host

Val McLeroy’s background has been as a development and production executive at several companies including Atlantic Entertainment and Green/Epstein Productions. While at Green/Epstein, she produced several TV movies - two of which she also wrote for Lifetime (Spirit [nominated for a Genesis award] and Heart of the Storm). Val has been partnered with Doug Draizin for a number of years, managing writers and directors. Many of their clients are taken on fresh out of undergrad or masters’ programs, and they currently have writers working at Netflix, Lucasfilm, eOne, Hallmark and AMC.

What To Expect

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