Building a Strong Frame: Understanding Story Structure

Leland Frankel
Award-Winning Playwright, Screenwriter, and Director

You may have heard that structure is the skeleton keeping your script together, and we regret to inform you that it’s absolutely true. Having a solid understanding of structure is essential to telling an effective story, and to make sure the audience walks out of the theater feeling satisfied. But how does story structure even work? And how can you work within it while still telling the story you want to tell? 

Wonder no more! Leland Frankel is here to tell us all about it! 

This 90 Minute Webinar Will Cover:

  • What is "story structure" and why does it matter?
  • Popular story structures through time - how many story structures are there, really?
  • Deciding what drives your story - and how.
  • Fitting character to story - or is it story to character?
  • Beginnings, Endings, and Bomb Theory - critical tropes and structural tricks 
About Your Host

Leland Frankel is a graduate of the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television (BA in Playwriting) and the American Repertory Theater Institute at Harvard University (MLA in Dramaturgy). He is also an award-winning playwright, screenwriter, and director, whose projects have been staged across the country. His most recent short film, WOKE, has played at more than a dozen film festivals nationwide and continues to rack up awards, and his first translation is due to be published by Oberon UK in 2019. Leland currently works as a creative consultant for virtual reality/immersive theatre; his 3D educational experience The Big Table is currently available on Oculus and Gear VR.

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