Amitabh Klemm

Writer/Director @ Black Square Pictures
Sunday 11/15 @ 2:00pm - 5:00pm PT

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Particularly Interested In:

One hour dramas for cable, premium, streaming.

Pitch Tips

Tell me about your main character and why they can't get what they want.

About Your Host

A classically trained pianist born to an Indian-immigrant Renaissance woman and a Harvard-educated physicist, Amitabh Klemm has spent his life racking up a surprisingly diverse array of experiences. Whether it’s illegally building props in Australia, consulting for United States Senators, sneaking in and out of Thailand without a visa, or acting as a sounding board for a Nobel laureate in economics, his ability to feel comfortable in any situation has not just made for an exciting life, but allows him to be a calm observer at the center of things. In terms of storytelling, his unique background and perspective enables him to gracefully blend Eastern with Western sensibilities, studio conventions with art-house flavors, and has imbued a knack for creating multilayered characters inhabiting complicated worlds. After graduating with an MFA in filmmaking from USC, Amitabh went on to direct and produce branded content for clients, including the Obama Administration, Warner Brothers, Complex Magazine, The Big Ten Network, Uproxx Media Group, and Leonardo DiCaprio. In 2015 Amitabh broke into television writing with the sale of his one-hour drama spec pilot “Swing State” to UCP. This led to creating and developing one-hour dramas at TNT and Bravo, in addition to feature screenwriting for producers Will Packer and Timur Bekmambetov. In 2019, Amitabh was a finalist in the 2018/2019 Disney/ABC Dramatic Writing Program. Most recently, Amitabh broke into television directing with an episode of the comedy half-hour “Black In The Day,” for BET. He lives in Pasadena with his wife and dog.


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Specializes in:

  • Drama
  • Comedy
  • SciFi
  • Thriller
  • Horror
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  • Drama
  • SciFi
  • Adventure
  • Thriller
  • Horror
TV Formats
  • One-Hour Pilots
  • Limited Series
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  • Cable
  • Premium Cable
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  • Biopics
  • Crime/True Crime
  • Documentary Adaptations
  • Dystopian
  • Futuristic
  • High-Concept
  • Historical
  • Psychological
  • Socially Relevant

Specifically not interested in:

Half-hour comedy