After FADE OUT...Is Your Script Producible?

Jimmy Matlosz

Have you ever gotten notes back on a script that basically boiled down to “this would be impossible to produce”? And, you’ve probably scratched your head and wondered how that is even an argument. You’ve seen TRANSFORMERS, which has giant robots fighting in city streets. You’ve seen STAR WARS, which takes place in a galaxy far, far away. And you’ve seen LA LA LAND, where they get out of their cars and have a dance number on the freeway. If all those projects aren’t impossible to produce, then why is yours?

Well, short answer: you’ll get there one day, but until then, it’s a good idea to understand what all goes in to actually turning the words on the page into a finished movie that you can enjoy while sitting on the couch eating popcorn.

That’s why we’ve brought Jimmy Matlosz in to give you a crash course!

This 90-Min Webinar Will Cover:

  • What goes into a “producible” project 
  • How to craft a script to be as easy and cost effective to produce as possible 
  • The biggest on-set hurdles 
  • Demystifying post-production
About Your Host

Jimmy Matlosz migrated to California on a hope and a prayer and a dream after graduating from college. He began his career as a PA and quickly moved up to Assistant Cameraman in VFX on films like MOM AND DAD SAVE THE WORLD, HONEY I BLEW UP THE KID, Tim Burton’s THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS, JUDGE DREDD, STARSHIP TROOPERS and Martin Scorsese’s KUNDUN. He then segued into commercial work as a camera assistant and operator, meanwhile being recruited to work in IMAX, on films like ALASKA, JORDAN TO THE MAX, SKI TO THE MAX and ALL ACCESS.

Jimmy launched his Cinematography and Directing career in 2004, since then he has shot close to 300 commercials and Directed another 100. During his tenure in commercials, Jimmy lent his skill to Documentaries like WHO KILLED THE ELECTRIC CAR, BETTER LIVING THROUGH CIRCUITRY and I AM TRYING TO BREAK YOUR HEART to name a few. He is the Chairman of the Emerging Cinematographers Awards and writes for several trade publications like ICG magazine, HDVideo-Pro as well as Film and Video and now InCinematographer. He is also a contributor to the Visual Effects Society Handbook.

All this wealth of experience has led to him realizing his aspiration of writing and directing films. In the early 2000’s Jimmy wrote his first screenplay, ‘The Smith’s.’ After a bit of a hiatus, filled with books, research and raising his kids, Jimmy returned in 2016, making the short film, THE ONLINE DATE, which inspired and became the prelude to the feature screenplay LIFE ON EARTH (2016), (Official selection at Oaxaca Film Festival) and now in development.

What To Expect

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