Proof-of-Concept Class: 9-Week Program Starts Sun 9/2 *Only 2 Spots Left!

Congratulations to Matt and Jordan Toronto who took our Proof of Concept Class last year and are now signed to LOCUS Entertainment from their short film!

Check out one of the incredible Proof-of-Concept shorts that came out of the last program below!

"This was one of the most useful and informative classes I can ever remember taking - full stop. I feel like I took a quantum leap in gaining insight that will directly affect my career. Thank you!" - Tim L.

"I wanted to thank you for offering this program because it reminded me why I got into this industry - I love it and I want to be in it no matter the cost. I also learned so much during the process, in ways I couldn't learn as a production assistant. I am very grateful for what you guys have allowed me to accomplish." Richard K.

Class Schedule:
Sundays 9/2, 9/9 & 9/16 - Writing Your Proof-of-Concept Short Script
Sundays 9/23, 9/30 & 10/21 - Shooting Your Proof-of-Concept Short
Sundays 11/4, 11/18 & 12/2 - Editing Your Proof-of-Concept Short

Further to our goal of providing ever-fresher avenues to help our writers to get optimal exposure in unique ways, we are bringing back our 9-week online program where writers will be guided through producing a short proof-of-concept for one of their full-length scripts (open to both Pilots & Features) from writing the short, to shooting the project (even just on your phone) and editing a final cut ready for circulation!

You will be guided by a different expert for each of the 3-week segments (from focusing on writing the script, to guiding you virtually on shooting and directing the short, to a post-production expert to guide you with editing). AND, when it's all done, we will have a private showcase where we will send the finished shorts to our roster of executives for maximum exposure!

Showcase: Once all the shorts are complete, we will send out a Showcase Spotlight to our roster of executives!

"As someone who has experience making short films, I felt that this course brought me through a whole different experience of making a short film and proof of concept. Going through a fast track motion of developing, prepping, and post-production workflow in the course and having a team to support you really brought the film to a new level." - Kyle M.

"Thank you so much for offering this class, the experience has been wonderful." - Joshua G.