Top Tier On-Ramp Special Program

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1x Top Tier Roundtable

Auditor Access to All Top Tier Roundtables

1x Marketing Email Session
Hosted by Joey Tuccio | CEO, Roadmap Writers

The 1st Wednesday of the Month @ 6:30pm - 8:30pm PT | Pitch Prep Webinar
Hosted by Chris Deckard | Manager, Fictional Entity

The 2nd Wednesday of the Month @ 6:30pm - 8:00pm PT | Interactive Logline Clinic
Hosted by Dorian Connelley | COO, Roadmap Writers 

The Last Wednesday of the Month @ 6:30pm - 7:30pm PT | Opening Pages Analysis
Hosted by Joey Tuccio | CEO, Roadmap Writers

+ Sundays @ 4:00pm - 5:30pm PT | Sunday Webinars (3 per month)

Please note that this program is limited to no more than 4 months/year total per writer and may not be utilized for more than 2 consecutive months at a time.
The Top Tier On-Ramp Special is part of the Career Writer Program and is for Invited Advanced Writers Only. All writers must complete a Top Tier Evaluation and be invited to the Top Tier Program to qualify. 

     Top Tier On-Ramp Special

    At Roadmap, we know how important it is to keep getting in front of executives and keeping your pitching muscles strong. We also know life can sometimes get in the way and you can't commit to a full month of Top Tier. 

    So we created the Roadmap Writers Top Tier On-Ramp exclusively for Top Tier writers who want to keep marketing and pitching and still be to handle life that month!

    Session Formats

    Top Tier Roundtable: You will choose an executive from the month's roster and submit the first 15 pages of up to two of your scripts for them to read prior to the session where you will have a 20-minute general meeting with them via ZOOM. All Roundtables take place on the last 2 weekends of each month. 

    Auditing Top Tier Roundtables: Additionally, writers have the opportunity to audit all of the month's Top Tier Roundtables (approx. 15-25/month). At the end of each Roundtable, there is often time for Auditors to do elevator pitches with the execs. These quick Auditor pitches have led to many script requests in Top Tier, so do not take this benefit for granted!

    Marketing Email Session: Submit at least 50 companies to Joey with your loglines & bio and he will query 5-6 companies that Roadmap has relationships with to recommend your script with our referral. This is one of the most effective programs we have at Roadmap for getting your material into the hands of decision-makers.

    Pitch Prep Webinar: Learn the general structure of a pitch. Hone in on the basic goals of pitching. Get tips on holding an exec's attention during your pitch. And you'll hear an example verbal pitch to get you off on the right foot!

    Interactive Logline Clinic: Having trouble with your logline? Want a formula for how to compose an effective logline? Members can workshop together with Roadmap's COO Dorian Connelley to create a standout logline!

    Opening Pages Analysis: Roadmap's CEO Joey Tuccio discusses some of the immediate reasons an executive might pass on your work...and you might not even know you're doing one of these things! Remember, most execs won't read past page 5 if they aren't hooked from the start. Joey will give several volunteer writers specific feedback on their opening 3 pages. The pages will be shared on screen with the rest of the group so everybody can learn from the feedback.

    Webinars: These 90-minute sessions are taught by working screenwriters and industry executives. A comprehensive range of writing and marketing topics is covered by each professional. A live Q&A follows every presentation to address your specific concerns.

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