"For those on a fixed income like myself, On-Ramp is the perfect introduction to the Career Writer Program. It pays for itself when you figure in all the extras - free webinars, one free open pitch, an elevator pitch roundtable with three executives, and expert advice on loglines and pitches. You also meet other writers and see that your struggles are also theirs. It’s a great community." 

- Jerrold Guadagni 

“On-Ramp is a mini-bootcamp each month. While the session formats are similar month-to-month, I find I'm always learning something new from Chris and Dorian, plus it's fun to help others out with their loglines. Being able to practice my elevator pitch has also been incredibly useful, and I'm beyond thankful for the Roadmap team. My writing and self-confidence have improved significantly because of them.”

- Gary Fayman