TESTIMONIALS: Marketing Clinic

"It's one of the best classes that I've taken. He's a great teacher and has impeccably high standards which makes you strive for improving your craft. You can tell that he's really passionate about film and knowledgeable about what makes stories tick." - Nicole Eilers

"Truly enjoyed the class. Ben is a great teacher. Amazing at knowing what the next right thing to do is in moving the progression of a script along. One of the best classes I've taken yet." - Paul Cunningham

"I LOVED it. A class that told me what an exec REALLY wants to hear in the short time you have with him/her!" - Kathryn Rushent

"Ben's class was an eye-opener and truly broadened my understanding of the business aspect of screenwriting. Ben was able to identify, with laser-sharp accuracy, the vital elements of a story and explain to us how to do the same with our own work. This class is a must for any writer serious about their career - there's far more to writing than writing alone." - Nir Shelter

"Ben Everard is the real deal. His expertise in these matters is the best!" - Dan Hart