Step 2: Marketing Intensive

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$175 Open Pitch Session Credit (Weekends): Pitch your project to execs via private 8-min. Verbal or 2-pg. Written Pitch in 5x Open Pitch Sessions. You’ll receive a personalized feedback report on each pitch.

Sun 12/1 @ 2pm - 3:30pm PT | Strategy Calls
Hosted by Briana Hansen | Director of Writer Outreach, Roadmap Writers

Tues 12/3 @ 6pm - 9pm PT | Researching Target Homes & Writer Bios Clinic
Hosted by Dorian Connelley | COO, Roadmap Writers & Joey Tuccio | CEO, Roadmap Writers

Thurs 12/5 @ 6pm - 8pm PT | Written/Verbal Combo
Hosted by Janet Jeffries | Development Executive, Lawrence Bender Productions (INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS, GOOD WILL HUNTING)

Sat 12/7 @ 10am - 11am PT | Virtual Meetup
Hosted by TBD

Sat 12/7 @ 11am - 11pm PT | 30-Min. General Meetings
Hosted by TBD

Tues 12/10 @ 6pm - 8pm PT | "Scenarios" Verbal Pitch Roundtable
Hosted by Briana Hansen | Director of Writer Outreach, Roadmap Writers

Sat 12/14 @ 10am - 12:00pm PT | Coverage Clinic
Hosted by Chris Deckard | Manager, Fictional Entity

Tues 12/17 @ 6pm - 8pm PT | Mastering Chit-Chat + Next Steps Clinic
Hosted by Jake Detharidge | Producer, The Offices of…

+ Sunday Webinars, Combs' Corner, and Opening Pages Analysis!

Marketing Intensive is Step 2 of the Career Writer Program. It is strongly recommended that writers complete Step 1: Pitch Prep Program prior to diving in. Writers must complete Steps 1-3 to be considered for our Top Tier Program

    Step 2: Marketing Intensive

    Roadmap's Marketing Intensive is designed to guide your writing journey and prevent you from throwing spaghetti against the wall just hoping something sticks. At Roadmap, we believe in putting writers in real-world environments and showing them what the industry is really like. 

    This program helps you strategize and create a solid path to success. Each session is taught by different working industry professionals to ensure each writer gets in front of as many execs as possible and learn what executives really look for in their pages, pitches, and general meetings.

    Full of immersive opportunities with executives and private general meetings, writers are put to the test in numerous rooms with more execs than ever! This is a fast-paced, fully immersive experience to push you from good in the room to owning the room.

    Walk out of this program with confidence in your pitch & general meeting skills, and a personal brand & bio poised to position you ahead of the competition!

    Session Formats

    Private Strategy Call: Ahead of the call, writers will submit a one-pager including a bio, loglines, and any traction they've gotten so far. During the call, you'll nail down your strategy for getting the most out of the month!

    Researching Target Homes: Knowing how to pitch is just half the battle - now it's time for some tools & tricks for figuring out who to pitch your projects to! The art of researching target homes is luckily one that can be taught - in this session, we'll walk you through the process of researching target homes for your project on the internet.

    Writer Bios Clinic: One of the most important pieces of marketing material any writer can have is an effective, informative bio that really captures who you are as a writer and as a human. During the session, your host will critique & edit your bio and help you identify the strongest elements about you to be sure to highlight at the beginning of your pitches. Then, we'll invite a moderator from Top Tier who helps run the Top Tier pitch roundtables to give you pointers and feedback they frequently hear execs giving Top Tier writers to help you with your pitch, chit-chat, and the Q&A portion of a meeting!

    Written/Verbal Combo Roundtable: Writers submit their 2 pg. written pitch for review prior to the Roundtable. During the session, writers take turns verbally pitching their brand as a writer and discussing strengths and areas of improvement specific to their pitch. Learn from the feedback given to you and the feedback given to your peers.

    Virtual Meetup: Following an intro from the exec, each writer will have 5 minutes to give an overview of their projects and brand. Following each 5-minute elevator general meeting, the rest of the time will be used for a Q&A with the exec so you can ask them any industry-related question you have. 

    30 Minute General Meeting: Each writer will take the skills they learned so far and apply them to a full private 30 Minute Mock General Meeting with an executive specifically interested in their genre. Can you own the room? Each writer will receive written feedback from that executive on that general meeting. 

    "Scenarios" Verbal Pitch Roundtable: The ability to handle any exec personality in the room is a skill that sets successful screenwriters above the rest. In this session, you will deliver your verbal pitch & your host will take on a different exec "personality" for each pitch to help give you the skills to handle any type. 

    Coverage Clinic: Learn how executives analyze scripts with this interactive Coverage assignment. Prior to the session, all writers will turn in Coverage on a script assigned by your host. During the session, your host will discuss the basics of writing Coverage and what elements should be assessed, followed by a critique of each writer's Coverage highlighting the differences between writers' Coverage and the host's own Coverage of the same script. 

    Mastering Chit-Chat + Next Steps Clinic: Mastering the art of small talk or "chit-chat" before & after your pitch delivery is a key aspect to help writers stand out from the pack and leave a memorable impression. Following the lecture, you'll take turns briefly pitching your brand as a writer and discussing thoughts on Next Steps with your host, who will look at the birds' eye view of where you're at in your screenwriting career and where you should focus your energy in the coming months, whether that be getting a new script down on paper, or courting representation, or looking into competitions, and beyond!

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