Proof-of-Concept Testimonials & Bios

About Your Instructors:

Zac Allard is the creative executive of Exile Entertainment. Zac has extensive experience working at numerous production companies and was one of the early readers on The Black List. Exile Entertainment represents Academy Award-winning writer/directors Guillermo Del Toro (SHAPE OF WATER), Damien Chazelle (LA LA LAND) and Jennifer Kent (THE BABADOOK). Zac has a master’s degree in English from Georgetown and has worked to develop/edit with screenwriters and novelists and playwrights.

Arman Cole is a freelance director, writer, and producer. His USC MFA thesis film SMALL ARMS, starring Tyler Young of USA Network's Eyewitness, premiered at the Creative Artists Agency Moebius showcase, played at LA International Shorts Fest, and was recently released online on Short of the Week as well as at Omeleto, where it has over 50,000 views. He co-produced the Warner Bros. financed proof-of-concept short film RISE which is now being developed there as a feature by Roy Lee. In addition to producing and directing web content, shorts, and music videos, he is currently developing an independent feature drama about undocumented Pakistani immigrants set in his home state of Michigan.

Nathaniël Siri has been editing, directing, and producing film & media projects for over 25 years. From his films which traveled the festivals of the world (Exode, Dans le Passage…) to corporate productions (commercials, online promotional materials) and more artistic projects (music videos, video-choreographic installations), Nathaniël is a multi-faceted professional known for bringing impactful visual contributions and an organic workflow to his collaborators. Currently, Nathaniël is developing his own films and video-choreographic projects, producing an original musical for the stage (Reunion of The Bells), regularly working as a French voice artist and linguist, and occasionally teaching fellow actors and filmmakers.


"This was one of the most useful and informative classes I can ever remember taking - full stop. I feel like I took a quantum leap in gaining insight that will directly affect my career. Thank you!" - Tim Larson, Screenwriter

"I wanted to thank you for offering this program because it reminded me why I got into this industry - I love it and I want to be in it no matter the cost. I also learned so much during the process, in ways I couldn't learn as a production assistant. I am very grateful for what you guys have allowed me to accomplish." - Richard Kang, Screenwriter

"As someone who has experience making short films, I felt that this course brought me through a whole different experience of making a short film and proof of concept. Going through a fast track motion of developing, prepping, and post-production workflow in the course and having a team to support you really brought the film to a new level." - Kyle Mumford, Screenwriter

"Thank you so much for offering this class, the experience has been wonderful." - Joshua Gollish, Screenwriter