Logline Rehab Workshop

Logline Rehab Workshop

Third Wednesday of the Month @ 4:00pm - 5:30pm PT

When pitching your screenplay, the importance of an effective logline cannot be overstated. This single sentence is the lens through which your audience will be viewing every single piece of information they subsequently receive. It's also often the only opportunity you as the writer has to explain your project in your own words. While the logine occupies few words, it is for that very reason that every. word. counts.

In this Logline Clinic, you will learn actionable, easy formulas for composing your loglines that you can apply to every project you write for the entirety of your screenwriting career. And a handful of volunteers will receive personalized feedback live to help everyone's logline really shine!

To be considered for review with live feedback, submit 1 logline to terra@roadmapwriters.com by 4:00pm PT on Tuesday 5/25. Loglines submitted after that time will not be accepted.

This session will be recorded so if you sign up but can't make it live, you will receive the recording 48 hours later!

About Your Host

Terra Joy (yes, that is her birth name) started her career in Washington, DC as a journalist. She then led a documentary film campaign that yielded 115+ screenings in just 9 months, and later started her own marketing business for creatives. Terra is a reader for Slamdance and a writer herself. She loves connecting awesome people with other awesome people, and prides herself on taking the needy and salesy vibes out of networking.

About Roadmap

Roadmap Writers is a screenwriting education and training platform for writers looking for a guided path to success. Our programs are hosted by working industry executives and are designed to empower writers with actionable tools and insights to elevate your craft and cultivate relationships with industry professionals. Since 2016, we have helped more than 150 writers sign to representation and countless others get staffed, optioned, or sell their script.