[Exec Bio] Big Box Office Bundle

Ryan Copple has worked over ten years in entertainment with positions ranging from creative development, physical production and business management. He has produced over 200 hours of content in the geek and gaming arena with studios like Legendary Entertainment and Lionsgate Pictures, including hits like Wil Wheaton's TableTop, the breakout success Dungeons & Dragons show Critical Role, Microsoft's live action adaptation of the popular Halo franchise Halo: Forward Unto Dawn, Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion's Con Man as well as myriad of other scripted and non-scripted projects. HIs efforts have resulted in several Emmy nominations and other awards. 

Andrew Gerson grew up in the Bay Area and left Northern California to study economics and film at UCLA. After graduating, Andrew took an entry-level position working for Jewerl Ross at Silent R Management and was promoted to creative exec in 2017. In this role, Andrew read every script he could get his hands on and attended film festivals across the country looking for new talent to collaborate with. Recently Andrew left Silent R to pursue his own screenwriting career. He continues to work with young writers through consulting at Roadmap and the Final Draft Big Break screenwriting competition.

Drew Smith is the creative executive at Unique Features founded by Bob Shaye and Michael Lynne, who have produced dozens of high profile films including: A Nightmare on Elm Street films The Lord of the Rings Trilogy The Austin Powers films At Unique, Drew is responsible for bringing in project ideas, exposing the company to new talent, and providing insight on current projects to better reach a worldwide audience. Prior to joining Unique, he was the manager of acquisitions at The Steel Company and brokered deals on behalf of some of the biggest international distributors at film markets including Cannes, Berlin, and Toronto.  

Kevin Nicklaus is the SVP of The Wolper Org., a historically significant television production company with a studio deal at Warner Bros. The company focuses on drama series, mini-series and movies for streaming. Past credits include ROOTS (2016), BATES MOTEL, PENN & TELLER: BULLSH!T, while legacy credits include LA CONFIDENTIAL, MURDER IN THE FIRST, WILLY WONKA & THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY, IMAGINE: JOHN LENNON, ROOTS, THE THORN BIRDS, NORTH & SOUTH.