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Eljohn Macaranas

Eljohn Macaranas

Eljohn Macaranas hails from sunny Miami, Florida. A first-generation Filipino-American son of two nurses, Eljohn spent most of his early days rewinding VHS cassettes. After flirting with playwrighting and journalism in high school and college, he earned an English degree from Florida International University. During that time, he wrote his first screenplay, CHARLIE GOES TO PERU, a genre-savvy take on Action serials. It later became a Second Rounder at the 2018 Austin Film Festival and a 2019 Finalist for Screencraft's Comedy Competition. He has subsequently written stories about military drones, religious cults, and the magic of Gen Z friendships. Recently, he made it to the finals of the Austin Film Festival's Pitch Competition as well as Color Creative and Powderkeg's The Teen Movie Contest.

Each month, Roadmap selects one diverse screenwriter to participate in the Pitch Prep Program (Step 1 of our Career Writer Program) for FREE!

The lack of diversity and representation in Hollywood has been at the forefront of the national conversation for a while now. At Roadmap, we want to do our part to help bring more diversity to the big screen (and the small)! For us, that starts with the screenwriters.

We've expanded our prize package to include a free Skype meeting with attorney Jaia Thomas, who runs the group Diverse Representation focused on African American agents and managers and entertainment professionals. Each monthly winner can pick her brain and ask her questions! This addition to the prize package is not required but extended to all our winners.

That's why we are proud to sponsor the Roadmap Writers Diversity Tribute!

We launched this initiative in memory of Roadmap Writer Coletta Preacely-Garcia, who passed suddenly in 2016. Coletta was an extremely hardworking writer who was always working to better her craft, tirelessly writing, rewriting, and taking advantage of every opportunity presented to her to gain skills, make connections, and polish her screenplays.

Who should apply? This program is for diverse screenwriters with at least one completed original Feature or TV Pilot who are ready to tackle the marketing aspect of their career and start getting their work out there!

How to Enter

To apply for this tribute, please submit in PDF format:

  1. A one-page statement highlighting your diverse background and why you would be a valuable and hardworking member of the Career Writer Program.
  2. A scripted writing sample (Pilot or Feature).

The deadline for entries is on the 25th via the Submit with Coverfly link below.

Past Tribute Winners