[Career Writer Program] Step 1: Pitch Prep LITE

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Sun 11/1 @ 6pm - 9:30pm PT | Orientation & Logline Lecture
Hosted by Dorian Connelley | COO, Roadmap Writers
+Logline Clinic Hosted by Terra Joy | Director of Marketing, Roadmap Writers

Weds 11/4 @ 6:30pm - 9pm PT | Pitch Prep Webinar
Hosted by Chris Deckard | Manager, Fictional Entity​​​​​​

Sun 11/8 @ 6pm - 9:30pm PT | Written Pitch Lecture
Hosted by Dorian Connelley | COO, Roadmap Writers 

Sun 11/15 @ 5pm - 7:30pm PT | Written Pitch Clinic
Hosted by Terra Joy | Director of Marketing, Roadmap Writers

Weds 11/18 @ 5pm - 7:30pm PT | Verbal Pitch Prep
Hosted by Alexandra Davies | Director of Education, Roadmap Writers 

Sat 11/21 @ 11am - 1:30pm PT | Verbal Pitch Roundtable #1
Hosted by Dan Seco | Manager, Schemers Entertainment

Sun 11/22 @ 11am - 12:30pm PT | Branding Clinic
Hosted by Briana Hansen | Director of Writer Outreach, Roadmap Writers

Mon 11/30 @ 6pm - 8:30pm PT | Verbal Pitch Roundtable #2
Hosted by Stacey Smart Stanley | Film Finance Consultant, The Smart Stanley Group

+ Sunday Webinars and Opening Pages Analysis!

The Pitch Prep Program is Step 1 of the Career Writer Program. Writers must complete Steps 1-4 to be considered for our Top Tier Program.


    The first step in our Career Writer Program is the Pitch Prep Program, where writers hone their written & verbal pitch, mold their brand, and get prepared to properly market their material!

    So you're finally getting the hang of this writing thing. But when it comes time to pitch it, your amazing story is not coming through. Or worse, you freeze up and have no idea what to say - and you can't figure out why. Roadmap understands your frustration, which is why we've put together Pitch Prep LITE, revolving all around pitching and how to master your pitch! 

    Train with the Roadmap Team and working industry executives to refine your pitch and figure out what's breaking down in translation and how to build it up! 


      • Learn a formula to structure your pitch. 
      • Master tone and voice when pitching. 
      • Practice with professionals who can help you identify where your pitch is weakest - and strongest. 
      • And gain confidence for the hot seat!


        Pitch Prep Webinar: Learn the fundamentals and hone in on the basic goals of pitching. Get tips on holding an exec's attention during your pitch. And you'll hear an example verbal pitch to get you off on the right foot!

        Written Pitch Lecture: Learn the general structure of a written pitch including loglines, tonal comps, characters, synopses, & more! 

        Written Pitch Clinic: Your host will read & mark up your draft of your 2-pg pitch, including loglines, tonal comps, characters, synopses, & more! During the session, notes will be discussed with the group so all can learn from each other's pitches.

        Branding Clinic: Hone in on what you, as a writer, deliver. Learn to see beyond genre and better understand how your own perspective seeps into every script you write and capitalize on that. Create an exciting and quickly digestible personal logline to better pitch yourself – and your scripts – to executives.

        Verbal Pitch Prep: Learn the art of delivering your verbal pitch, including how to pitch conversationally (without reading!), how to efficiently incorporate all of the necessary elements of a pitch (tone, characters, plot), and how to make your pitch relatable and universal. Then, deliver your verbal pitch for practice and notes.

        Verbal Pitch Roundtables: You'll take turns delivering your verbal pitch in a Roundtable setting and receive feedback from the exec on strengths and areas of improvement specific to your verbal pitch. Learn from notes on your own pitch and from notes given to your peers!


        "I cannot get over how effective the lectures (and their content!) were. To see all of us improve SO much over a month - to feel 10 times more confident at the end of the month than I did at the beginning. Everything was purposeful and useful. I'd recommend to anyone!" - Ashley Glacel, Screenwriter

        "Even if you have been raised by wolves, Dorian can show you how to get to the heart of your story and then package it professionally like a human writer. Her experienced insight and surgeon-like precision are pretty inspiring to watch in action. We've all become better writers because of her. And her energy and humor make the classes a delight." - Cath Gulick, Screenwriter

        "What an amazing lesson that I can use forever. Thank you!" - Mika Frank, Screenwriter

        "The Pitch Prep Program really worked. My previous written pitches got a big yawn but the latest feedback scores almost all excellent ratings. Thanks." - Greg Price, Screenwriter

        "I was three for three on script requests this past weekend with my exec meetings. I attribute that success to the pitch prep. I really learned a lot during the past couple of months. Thank you so much!" - McKenzie Hamilton, Screenwriter

        "I wanted to pass along a thank you to you guys. I had a good pitch today and at the end the exec asked me to send him a pitch document. Thanks to Dorian’s class in the pitch prep I felt I had a professional document to send and was able to get it right out to him. So, thanks guys!" - Marc Leighton, Screenwriter

        "I have to say Pitch Prep went way beyond my wildest expectations! It was fabulous. The logline, written pitch, and verbal pitch skills I picked up were invaluable. Can't wait to see what's in store in the Marketing Intensive." - Laurie Miller, Screenwriter

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