Beau Rawlins

Showrunner's Assistant

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After completing studies in both Creative Writing and Media Criticism, Beau Rawlins first started in entertainment working in talent representation. After moving from management company, Luber Roklin Entertainment to small boutique talent agency, Pakula King and Associates, Beau eventually made his way into 3 Arts Entertainment, one of the largest talent and literary management companies in the world as well as a multiple emmy award winning production company for TV shows such as 30 ROCK, PARKS AND RECREATION, and SILICON VALLEY.

Working under producer Michael Rotenberg, Beau worked with showrunners such as Mike Judge (SILICON VALLEY, KING OF THE HILL), Jeff and Jackie Filgo (MAN WITH A PLAN), John Altschuler and Dave Krinsky (SILICON VALLEY, LOPEZ), Chris Moynihan (MARLON) and many more. During his time at 3 Arts, Beau was involved in the development of over a dozen network and cable pilots and series from their original pitch to pilot production all the way to the completion of their first season. This would include projects such as INSECURE (HBO), MAN WITH A PLAN (CBS), MARLON (NBC), SILICON VALLEY (HBO), and many more.

On the feature side, Beau has worked with feature actors such as Jessica Alba and Johnny Knoxville in the development of their own projects. After leaving 3 Arts Entertainment, Beau moved to the writers room of MARLON (NBC) and is currently working on the latest season of BROOKLYN NINE-NINE (NBC) in the writers room.

Writing Mentorship

Private Month Mentorship

Each month mentorship kicks off with a preliminary 15-min. call to set expectations and lay out strategy for the month. Writer will have unlimited email access with executive plus 4x one-hour consultations with the exec. Exec will read up to 4 scripts in one month (different drafts of the same script or 4 different scripts) and conduct 4x one-hour story notes calls. Calls will also include pitch preps, brand preps and career strategy.

Specializes in:

  • Comedy
  • All TV Formats
  • All TV Homes (Network, Cable & Streaming)

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