Craft Series: Linda Aronson’s 21st Century Screenplay

Hosted by Andrew Zinnes
US Editor

"One of the best webinars that has stayed with me was Andrew Zinnes' last webinar. I loved his energy, the visuals, and examples he gave. He gave clear, specific advice that really stayed with me to help my writing." - Sianne T.

You know all those books and articles that execs have been telling you to read? Things like Save the Cat or Syd Field’s Screenplay Paradigm? Don’t you wish there were Cliff's Notes for these things?

Don’t fret! Roadmap hosts Andrew Zinnes for this webinar series to break these theories and articles down for you. Over the course of the webinars, Andrew will explain the guiding principles behind Syd Field’s Screenplay Paradigm, Blake Snyder’s Save The Cat Beat Sheet, John Truby’s Anatomy of Story, Robert McKee’s Five Point Story Design, and Linda Aronson’s 21st Century Screenplay along with supporting theories!

September’s Topic: Linda Aronson’s 21st Century Screenplay

  • Take a look at the practical tips for both classic and avant-garde screenwriting! 

About Your Host

Andrew Zinnes started his career working for top Hollywood producer Norman Lear and ACT III Productions (THE PRINCESS BRIDE, STAND BY ME). Following this, Andrew moved on to work for producer Donald De Line at Paramount Pictures and was involved in the development of DOMESTIC DISTURBANCE and THE ITALIAN JOB. After several years, Andrew switched to TV at USA Networks in their Original Movies Division and worked on highly rated shows such as HELEN OF TROY, THE DEAD ZONE and MONK.

Andrew is also the US Editor of THE GUERILLA FILMMAKERS HANDBOOK Series, which has become one of the most-respected print resources in filmmaking and is used in universities around the world. Recently, Andrew came on board as a Lecturer in Screenwriting at The Bournemouth Film School at Arts University Bournemouth - one of the UK's leading film schools. To his students he stresses his mantra - STORY FIRST!

Andrew has also worked as a freelance script analyst for Lionsgate, Morgan Creek Productions, Scriptshark, and So You Wanna Sell A Script and has served as a judge for the prestigious screenplay competition Scriptapalooza. Andrew received his Masters in Film at American University in Washington, DC.


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