One Hour of Face-Time with an Executive of Your Choice!

"I love the Virtual Meet Ups. It feels as close to the real thing as I think you can get. You're more able to pitch yourself, rather than just one project, which I love."
- Roadmap Writer Mike Rogers

Roadmap Writers is always looking for ways to get our writers in front of high profile executives to receive the best feedback possible on their projects and receive the clearest career guidance.

We created Virtual Meet Ups to allow a small group of 6 writers to pitch in a roundtable setting, ask questions and build a relationship with vetted executives. This is a unique opportunity to get in front of executives that don't normally do other programs with Roadmap.  

Each writer starts with a 5-minute pitch and then it'll open up to a Q&A with the participating executive so you can ask any questions you have on pitching techniques, how to best position a script in the marketplace and the industry overall!

Sessions take place utilizing video conferencing software ZOOM so writers can take place from anywhere in the world with an internet connection!

Can't make it live? Most Virtual Meet Ups below have the opportunity for a writer to submit a written pitch instead for only $35!