"All Eyes On You" Consultation Special!

"You were right about gathering notes from all three producers - absolutely eye opening!" - Scott M.

When you get notes on your script or pitch, we know that you shouldn't automatically run to make changes. Sit on it. Digest it. If it resonates, make the change. If it doesn't, throw it out. But what if you got the same note from 3 different execs? Could this note be what's holding your script back?

Order an hour consultation with 3 different execs for only $549 (usually $250 for each hour consultation)! Send all 3 executives the same draft of the same script, have 3 separate private 1-hour consultations, compare notes and make your script the strongest it can be!

Simply sign up below and when you receive the automated Material Submission Form, write down which 3 execs you want to read your script and have a 1-hour private consultation with! 

We will email you 2-3 weeks after you sign up with the executives' availabilities to conduct your private calls!

Read all their bios by clicking here!

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**Remember, this special is only valid to send the same draft of the same script to 3 different executives at the same time. You can not separate drafts, scripts, or timing. A single draft must be submitted to all 3 execs at the same time.

Script Consultations

One-Hour Consultation

Submit your full script and receive an in-depth, one-hour private story notes call with an executive of your choice. You’ll receive specific suggestions on how to elevate your script's dialogue, structure, pacing, characterization, tone, and marketability. One-hour consultations are available for Features and TV and are priced accordingly.

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