MatchMaker Clinics

We will team 5 writers with 1 exec that are specifically looking for a genre/format that they have at this present moment. We will send those writers' scripts to that exec so they can read the scripts in its entirety. For the first week you will meet with your exec for 25 minutes each (in a roundtable setting) to get notes, have a Q&A with that exec, give your vision for the story, etc. Then in the second week, you will send your revised pages to that exec and have another 25 minute session with your exec to have another general to talk about the revisions. 

This will a) show managers and execs how you take notes (which is a HUGE deal), b) give you more time with execs and c) give those execs an opportunity to keep working with you after the sessions. Of course there's no guarantee that every writer will be chosen to keep working with each exec, but it definitely will give those writers a really focused goal for that month and help them improve their material and help those writers make stronger executive relationships.  

Choose your exec:

Manager Chris Deckard from Fictional Entity - June 8th & June 22nd @ 2pm - 4pm PT *Great for drama, thriller and action projects!

Manager Andrew Kersey from Kersey Management - June 15th & June 29th @ 11am - 1pm PT * Great for grounded sci fi and action comedy features!

Executive Scott Emmer from AT&T Network - June 16th & June 30th @ 10am - 12pm PT *Great for female driven and period piece projects!

Manager Audrey Knox from The Cartel - June 22nd & July 6th @ 10am - 12pm PT *Great for drama and comedy pilots!

Manager Dan Seco from Schemers Entertainment - June 30th & July 14th @ 10am - 12pm PT *Great for horror, thriller, action and rom com features!

Online Classes

What To Expect

Immediately after registering, you will receive an Order Confirmation that serves as the receipt for your registration. In the Order Summary section of this email you will find a link reading "CLICK HERE FOR INSTRUCTIONS" that will take you to your syllabus, instructions for submitting material (if any), and the link to join the Live Class.


If you have any questions at all about this class, email our Director of Education Alexandra Davies at!

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