Manager Track Mentorship

Sundays 7/12, 7/19, 7/26 & 8/2 @ 11:00am - 1:00pm PT

This is for writers wanting to elevate their pitches and pages, as well as wanting to market!

  • To further elevate your pitch, you'll participate in 2 pitch roundtables with Joey Tuccio and Alex Davies. Each writer will have a 5-minute pitch prepared to get feedback on. After getting feedback, you will have the opportunity to practice your pitch again at the end of the roundtable to put finishing touches on your presentation. These will take place on Sundays 7/12 & 7/26 @ 11am - 1pm PT. 
  • To sharpen each writer's pages, you'll participate in 2 roundtables hosted by manager Mark Saffian who will read your full script prior, so he can give you feedback during the roundtable. These will take place on Sundays 7/19 & 8/2 @ 11am - 1pm PT.  
  • Writers will also have access to audit all the Top Tier Roundtables. There will be about a dozen roundtables and most take place the last 2 weekends of every month. You will have the opportunity to see how the Top Tier roundtables are run and, if there is room at the end of the roundtable, you can do an elevator pitch to these executives. 
  • Marketing email session with Roadmap's CEO, Joey Tuccio, where we will create a personalized marketing email for you and help you connect with 5 different executives. 
  • All 3x Sunday webinars. 

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