Weekend Box Office Top Ten - 6/3/18

June 03, 2018

Weekend Box Office Top Ten - 6/3/18

Weekend Box Office Top Ten
by Lawrence Lasky

SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY is #1 for the second weekend in a row, but with only $29.9M, a domestic total of just $148.8M, and worldwide at $264.1M, it is a hollow victory. At this rate the film is unlikely to even hit the $400M global mark, and with a budget of at least $200M (likely higher) plus marketing, it will actually be a sharp financial loss for Disney, a rare misfire from the studio.

DEADPOOL 2 is #2 with $23.3M, a domestic total of $254.6M, and a global haul of $598.6M and climbing. Produced for $110M plus marketing costs, this film is posting big profits for Fox, with an X-FORCE movie said to begin production sometime this fall, spinning off from this highly successful franchise.

ADRIFT opened at #3 with $11.5M, an "okay" result for this romantic drama, though with a $35M budget plus marketing costs, profitability will depend largely on how well it holds over the next two weeks, plus international results.

AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR is #4 with $10.3M, a big domestic total of $642.8M, and a huge global take of $1.964 Billion. All eyes now are on whether the film can hit the $2 Billion threshold at the worldwide box office, with that goal definitely in reach for Disney and Marvel.

BOOK CLUB is #5 with $6.8M, and a total so far of $47.3M for Paramount as the film continues to bring in its core older audience, giving the studio a needed low-budget counterprogramming win.

UPGRADE opened at #6 with $4.4M, in line with projections for BH Tilt, whose model relies mostly on the digital sales of their titles, where this one is expected to thrive.

LIFE OF THE PARTY is #7 with $3.4M, a domestic total of $46.3M, and $54.4M worldwide with most international territories yet to debut.

BREAKING IN is #8 with $2.8M, and a total now of $41.3M. Produced for $6M plus marketing, this one has shown remarkable legs and marched nicely to profitability.

ACTION POINT opened at #9 with a disastrous $2.3M. Even with a budget of only $19M plus a modest marketing campaign, it will be a sharp financial loss for Paramount at this level.

OVERBOARD is #10 with $1.9M, a domestic total of $45.5M, and $57.5M worldwide. In the U.S., the film has now topped INSTRUCTIONS NOT INCLUDED to become star Eugenio Derbez's top release in a lead role.

Next weekend sees debuts for caper-reboot OCEAN'S 8 from Warner Bros., and horror film HEREDITARY from A24.