Weekend Box Office Top Ten - 6/17/18

June 17, 2018

Weekend Box Office Top Ten - 6/17/18

Weekend Box Office Top Ten
By Lawrence Lasky

INCREDIBLES 2 is #1 with a massive $180M opening weekend domestic, and a very, very early $231.5M worldwide. This debut marks the biggest opening weekend ever in animation, beating the previous record-holder FINDING DORY, which had brought in $135M -- this new record handily beats the old one. With strong audience scores, this film will continue to play well throughout June and July, a rousing success for Pixar and Disney.

OCEAN'S 8 held onto the #2 spot with a solid $19.5M, a domestic total now of $79.1M, and an early $116.2M worldwide. Produced for a very reasonable $70M plus marketing costs, this film is well on its way towards profitability for WB, and will likely have a sequel, continuing to show the strength of the "Ocean's" brand.

TAG opened at #3, also from WB, with a decent $14.6M. Produced for $28M plus a modest marketing campaign, profitability will depend largely on how well the film holds, and how it plays overseas as comedy has tended to do well this year.

SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY is #4 with $9M, a domestic total of $192.8M, and $339.5M worldwide, a big disappointment for Disney and the Star Wars brand, which should rebound nicely with J.J. Abrams back for Episode IX, an 18-month gap between films, and more favorable December release date.

DEADPOOL 2 slid to #5 with $8.8M, a big domestic total of $294.6M (will cross the $300M threshold this week), and $689.7M worldwide, cruising towards the $700M mark. Produced for $110M plus marketing, this is a huge success for Fox, Marvel, and the X-Men brand.

HEREDITARY is #6 with $7M, and a total now of $27.1M, as it becomes studio/distributor A24's biggest hit, and another horror film to connect well with its audience, and capitalize on immense social media buzz.

SUPERFLY opened at #7 with $6.3M over the three days, and a 5-day debut of $8.4M, on the low end of tracking. However, with a production budget of only $16M plus a modest marketing campaign, profitability for Sony will depend largely on how it holds, and how it plays overseas.

AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR slipped to #8 with $5.2M, a gigantic domestic total of $664.1M, and a massive $2.019 Billion at the global box office. Not much more need be said of this smash phenomenon, save that Marvel and Disney will repeat it all over again next summer with the concluding chapter of the "Thanos Saga."

ADRIFT is #9 with $2.1M, and just $26M domestic, with international yet to roll out and instrumental in determining profitability for this film, with its $35M budget plus marketing costs.

BOOK CLUB is #10 with $1.8M, and a total now of $62M, a big success for Paramount which spent $14M to acquire the film, plus its marketing costs. This has been nicely profitable, and good counter-programming in a crowded spring and summer movie season.

Next weekend sees the debut JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM as the only major studio release. The film has already earned an impressive $370M overseas in a staggered rollout, and looks to do massive business in both the U.S. and worldwide as the Universal dinosaur event pic heats up.