Weekend Box Office Top Ten - 6/10/18

June 10, 2018

Weekend Box Office Top Ten - 6/10/18

Weekend Box Office Top Ten:
by Lawrence Lasky

OCEAN'S 8 opened at #1 with a strong $41.5M (Million), and an early $53.7M globally, with most of the international markets yet to debut. Produced for $70M plus marketing, this one should be nicely profitable for WB, and another successful entry in the Ocean's franchise.

SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY held at #2 with $15.1M, a domestic total now of only $176.1M, and $312.2M globally. All told, this will be a sharp loss for Disney, and the first Star Wars film ever to lose money. Prospects are brighter for "Episode IX" given the 18 month gap between films, and being the final installment of the sequel trilogy of "Saga" titles, as opposed to the spin-offs.

DEADPOOL 2 is #3 with $13.6M, a domestic total now of $278.6M, and $655.2M worldwide, a massive success for Fox, with the announced X-FORCE film said to begin filming this fall. Produced for $110M plus marketing, this is a big win for both Fox and Marvel, and shows the continued strength of this brand.

HEREDITARY opened at #4 with $13M, the best opening ever for distributor A24, and another successful original horror film, a genre which has thrived in recent years with the audience.

AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR slid to #5 with $6.8M, a huge domestic total of $654.7M, and a stunning $1.998 Billion globally, as the film will cross the $2B mark early this week -- the biggest Marvel release ever, even adjusted for inflation, with the concluding chapter of the Thanos saga set for next summer.

ADRIFT is #6 with $5M, and a total of $21.7M. Produced for $35M, the jury is still out on this one's profitability, based largely on how well it will play with international audiences when it rolls out globally.

BOOK CLUB is #7 with $4.2M, and a total now of $58.8M, a successful piece of counter-programming from Paramount, which has been on the rebound this past year after struggling in the past, with even brighter prospects ahead.

HOTEL ARTEMIS opened at #8 with a disastrous $3.1M, below even the lowest of tracking estimates, as this film got lost in the busy summer slate.

UPGRADE is #9 with $2.2M, and a total of $9.2M, as it quietly looks to become the biggest release yet from BH Tilt, which makes its profitability off the home market for their titles.

LIFE OF THE PARTY is #10 with $2M, a domestic total of $50M, and $58.9M worldwide, a disappointing result for this comedy.

Next weekend continues June's hot streak as THE INCREDIBLES 2, SUPERFLY, and TAG all debut, looking to connect with their respective audiences.